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Installation and purchase of interior elements
A Throne room – is the real pride of a talented warrior, representing their success, consistency and excellent taste. During the construction of your town hall you will automatically get access to the throne room. It is a vast room that can be decorated with furniture, trophies, decorative weapons and other interior elements, as well as war warriors sitting on the throne symbolizing the master or mistress of the Throne Room.

To visit your throne room go to  Town Hall -> Throne Room.

The level of the Throne Room always is always equals the level of the Town Hall. Along with the upgrade of the Town Hall, the appearance of the Throne Room also changes. It can be decorated however the owner prefers.  

Please note! The level of the Throne Room rises automatically with the upgrade of the Town Hall. 

To decorate your Throne Room you can choose from a wide range of decoration elemtents such as various stained-glass windows, storages and benches, tapestries, lamps, candelabra, tables, carpets, barrels, pennants, shields, axes and swords.  

Please note! After each upgrade of your Town Hall all decoration items you have already purchased for your Throne Room will be preserved.  

All decoration elements for the Throne Room can be purchased for both silver and gold coins, as well as in exchange for Householder Tokens. Those can be obtained as a reward in performing various tasks and exploring the world of Faeo.
Installation and purchase of interior elements
Initially your Throne Room is empty with only a throne in it.  All spots in which you can place decoration elements are highlighted.

Click one a highlighted spot and new window will open – Shop and Warehouse.

Here you can find the entire list of decoration items available to decorate your Throne Room. It also gives you the choice to "try" items to see how they fit into your room before buying. To purchase your final choice, click on the "Buy" button. The corresponding price of the item you can see right under the image. After the purchase is made the "Buy" button will be marked and become inactive.

Please note! If you purchase of a new item, it will replace any old item, which was installed already.


Opening this tab, you will see a list of elements of the interior, which you have already purchased. Here you can change your interior or remove it. To change the element, select another item and click on the "Place" button. The selected item will be marked. To remove an item,  click the "Remove" button.

Visiting the Throne Room of another player
Open the players profile  and select the button "Estate" (next to the profession tab) and click on -> Visit the throne room.

View mode

In the view mode, your Throne Room is displayed as other warriors see it. To enter, click on the «View Mode» button located in the lower left corner of the Throne Room. To exit this mode, click on any point of the Throne Room.



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