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Kennels - is a special building that allows you to hunt without leaving the Estate, which significantly saves you time (the hunt takes only several seconds). There are two variants of hunt available: onetime, in which only one monster is killed, or big hunt – which lets you kill 10 monsters at a time. The number of onetime hunts per day is limited. There is no such restriction for big hunts but they are available only for diamonds.

When you hunt you will receive all the trophies, as if you were hunting monsters yourself (including special items, if at the time of pressing the button you are under necessary effects, and items in buildings). Monsters killed in kennels are counted in quests (including clan quests), with the only exception when the quest requires you to kill monsters in a certain location. (you are located in your estate, not in that location). However, you will not receive Pet Essence even if you have activated pet when using kennels. 

Pay attention! For the hunt, you will receive a fixed amount of experience, which can be changed neither by Experience elixirs nor by the effect of Statue of Experience. Similarly, the amounts of silver and energy, which you receive, are not affected by the corresponding effects.

Ordinary monsters from locations level of which is equal to or one level below yours are available for the hunt. Moreover, for a monster to become available for the hunt, you’ll have to kill it yourself no less than 50 times. Only monsters that live on your continent are available for the hunt. Monsters that you kill in the Kennels are counted in the achievements for the monsters kills. In addition, they decrease the counter of killed monsters as if you were killing them yourself.  

Pay attention! Kennels will not let you hunt for dangerous beings, such as Baby Flangariy Korr or Cave Droolizard.

Hunt is unavailable for characters under any curse



Restrictions • Level Three Town Hall
Energy/Riolite for construction • 970 / 970

• Lets you hunt for monsters for gold (additionaly average amount of money is deducted that would have been spent if you were fighting yourself)
• Lets you hunt for monsters for diamonds (additionaly average amount of money is deducted that would have been spent if you were fighting yourself)

Special properties

• Limit on the number of kills in Kennels is renewed with the ordinary limit



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