The Sacred Maurin Tree Tailsime contains magic that protects the Meridian Land from Chaos. Monstrous creatures have settled among the branches and in-between the deep roots of Tailsime and they are drawing the life-giving juices out of the giant tree, depleting its power and magical charms. 

Warriors that have achieved   level 16 , after completing the quest  Path to the heart of the tree can defend Tailsime.
The task can be received from pride mistresses  Tiu Mia  in    Flezendole  and  Lea Miu  in    Templarville .
Tree - Maurin protector. Warriors entering Tailsime in the guise of a Maurin will not be attacked by the monsters hunting there. 
The potion can only be used inside Tailsime and warriors that are under the effect of the potion are protected from attacks by hunting monsters. Female characters can turn into a Maverick Maurina or Maurina Witch. Male characters can take on the image of a Maurin Blade or Maurin Sharpshot. 



*Note: the potion cannot be frozen!

Recommended level:  16 and above

Visit length:   up to 48 hours

Visit frequency:   every 7 days

Group size:  5 players


Monsters and Rewards






Harzul [16]






Taxxo [17]




Taurung [18]





Little Arboris Harcide [19]




Smargul [20]





Should the conditions for the instance change, the relevant information will be added to this page.

We hope you enjoy the game.




September 29, 2020


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