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On this page you will be able to view all available quests, their rewards and dates of the «Zombie Invasion» Event.
Event «Zombie Invasion»
Date Quest / NPC Lvl Availability Reward

«Payment for Peace»
Shiko the Paladin


1 time


*to warriors from 11 level

02.11 «Reward to undead hunter»
Shiko the Paladin
for each 20 burned liche coins
3 without


«Resurrect the dead»
Shiko the Paladin

3 every
8 hours

«Burial Rites»
Samuel the Cleric
Pymen the Monk

3 every
6 hours

«Feed for the drowned girl’s pet»
Drowned Girl

«The Hunger»
Golats the Vampire
no more than 10 pcs. ofAnimal Blood in backpack simultaneously

3 every
8 hours

06.11 appearance of zombies of 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 17 lvls.
the attack lasts for 48 hours.

«Privacy Invasion»
Forest Hermit
Lake Hermit

11 every
8 hours

«Dead Masters of Sunken Ships»


20 hours

3 Flaundin reputations till 2800

«Rescuing Water»
«Cleansing Fire»

3 every
12 hours

*to warriors from 11 level
14.11 «Fight for Dead Souls»
Lady Cordelia
Lady Guinevere
3 every
12 hours

*mana to warriors from 11 level
14.11 «Cross Palm with Gold»
«Sheamus and the Liche Coinsü»
 Sheamus the Joker
3 every
12 hours

one of the gifts
14.11 «Undead on the Border»
Sherwood the Patrolman
 Gredvin the Patrolman
16 every 12 hours

«Dead enemy is
good enemy»


3 every 12 hours

for every 5 enemies poisoned
* Quest is not associated with a profession

16.11 «Back to Life»
Norak the Virtuous 
3 without limits

for every 5 revived allies
*Quest not tied to profession.

Zombies walk on the lands of Faeo as ordinary mosters, they are not agressive. You can kill them and receive monetary rewards. you can also receive premium elixirs and liche coins. Beware, zombies may poison you..

18.11 «Liche Curse Amulet»
5 every
20 hours

there is also a chance to get

As well as Premium Elixirs.
19.11 «Power over Zombies»
Shiko the Paladin


20 hours

*corresponding to the level

«Dead Flower»
Leolina the Fairy

«Ruined Greenhouse»
Serafim the Gnome


20 hours

21.11 «Help from the Marble Lady »
Marble Statue
no more than 10 pcs. of Neferto Flowers in backpack simultaneously


20 hours

11-15 levels:
16-18 levels:
or or
21.11 «River Maid Council»
River Maid
«Wise Rock Council»
Living Rock


20 hours

*one of the elixirs at random
22.11 «Protection from Zombies»


20 hours

3-10 levels:

11-18 levels:
22.11 «The Spirits' Help»
Tuigun the Shaman


20 hours

*mana to warriors from 11 level
25.11 Battle with the warlock and his allies, 3-18 levels
  The table may be updated later
More information
Item Ways of acquisition and application


A mysterious device, having which one can receive Mithril Palm, via burning Liche Coin, Silver Liche Coin and Gold Liche Coin. You will be able to upgrade the device, after the end of the event the Nercus Sphere's magic will let you receive a small daily reward.



Coins serve as a pass to the undead world. The mass occurence in the world of Faeo can be caused by the rise of the undead from the graves and doesn't mean anything good. You can receive these coins by hunting monsters, whose level is less than your by no more than one level, also by collecting energy cristalls on the battlefields.


Can be used for completing tasks of various NPC or burned in Simple Necrus Sphere to receive amulets, that enhance warriors for 1 hour: Hunt the Undead Amulet I - 3-5 levels, Hunt the Undead Amulet II - 6-8 levels, Hunt the Undead Amulet III - 9-10 levels, Hunt the Undead Amulet IV - 11-13 levels, Hunt the Undead Amulet V - 14 and higher.





Coins - can be exchanged for silver and gold. They are not used in quests or to purhase rewards.



Is a unique artefact to which liche coins are transformed. After the end of the event Mithril Palm can be exchanged for various rewards, including: upgrade of Simple Necrus Sphere, Mummy Medallion, premium elixirs, Style Armor, wraith amulets, blesses, gifts and much more.





Rebirth Potion can be used on the battlefields.

Can be used: 5 times

Cooldown: 10 minutes


Effect Dead Flesh can be gained after a zombie bite or when the opposing race member applied Ptomaine against you. Effect lasts for 30 minutes or if warrior of your race applied Rebirth Liquor on you.


Dead Flesh reduces speed ov movement by 20 and warrior into a zombie, on which all healing effects in battle are applied less successfully, that on warriors that are not zombies.



Ptomaine and Zombie Skull are received from Zombie Gravediggers, Zombie Vagabonds and Wandering Zombies, if the level of a zombie is less than your by no more than one level.




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