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April - Don't be no fool!
No Harm in Joking


As usual during the Joke week one should pay a visit to port taverns and after having a couple of words with  Poker or  Cardsharp, go and play tricks on fellow citizens.




Reward will be great, if you yourself won't be tricked.


 Wearing a Merry Hat


Quest for warriors of  level 3 and above.
Accessible: One time
A Gift for Gizedor


If you want to cheer up a two-headed giant, thanks to who this merry celebration has come to the world of Faeo, make him his favorite doll out of pieces spread all over the world of Faeo.



Navigators  Luran and  Vezur. will be able to hand in the ready doll to the giant.




Whichever way you chose, a great reward will be waiting for your!




Important! Fragments of Little Gizedor Doll can be collected during battles with monsters the level of which is below yours no more that 1.


Quest for warriors of level 3 and above.
Accessible: Always
Sprayer gift


Special for the joke week scientists are eager to make something unforgettable, that will cheer up warriors of Faeo. Yet scientists won't be able to succeed without your help.




Scholars   Globius and  Avelius, are trusting you with a «Wet Affair», and will help you to play a trick on your friends.


  Water Sniper


 for warriors of level 3 and above.
Accessible: One time
Reward: Sprayer, Snide Cat token 15
Enemy - Bunny Ears


In a constant trade fair haste restless jesters offer you a graet fun. You will receive a magic trumpet, using which on a representative of the opposing race will cause the growth of the bunny ears on their head. That will be fun!




 Nadilarie and  Sheamus wait you at the City Fairs of  O’Delvays and  Dartrong.



Set enemy ears Down all enemies I will break off your ears! Big ears - be gone! Experienced ear puller


Quest for warriors of level 3 and above.
Accessible: Every hour
Reward: Snide Cat token 1


Restless jesters cannot stop. They have on more magic trumpet!. Once you blow in it a Dust Curse will be cast on any of your fellow warriors: dust and web will follow a warrior everywhere, covering their armor with a thick layer of mud.




  Nadilarie  and    Sheamus  wait you at the  City Fairs of   O’Delvays and   Dartrong.



Web tailor Web - hit of the season Like a fly in a web Tangled web Silk and chic web


Quest for warriors of level 3 and above.
Accessible: Every hour
Reward: Snide Cat token 1
Cricket Race


Tarariquon Spider Battles organizers have decided to offer tavern visitors unforgettable fun - cricket races. However they don't have neither crickets nor spider web to make a proper harness. Supervisors ask you to get both crickets and web, in return they will give you a great reward.




Supervisors    Ralf  and    Pete are at   «Mary's Tavern»  and    «The Gurraldiy's Head»


Important! You will be able to find crickets and web while hunting monsters, gathering resources and at the battlefields.


Veteran Cricket Catcher Master of Cricket Catching In pursuit of crickets Endless chirping Gathered web yarn Experienced supplier of web yarn Full web hopper Web wrapping success
Important! Under effects Dust Curse and Bunny Ears the chance and amount of crickets and web are increased.
Quest for warriors of level 3 and above.
Accessible: Always
Reward: Snide Cat token 2-7
Wrapper contains joke


 Leolina the Fairy and  Smurri the Dwarf  in return for a small favor of collecting sweet wrappers will eagely gift you with White Chalk, with the help of which you can draw a smiley face on the back of your friend, or an Inflatable Club.




or for 6
or for 3
for 12
for 25


Important! You can receive Sweet Wrapper by eating Toffee with Surprise


Precious Chest


During the joke week a great surprize is waiting for you. In "Hunting" you can find  Precious Chest, but what is inside? This is a great-great secret...




Complete quests, have fun, for all that you will receive unique achievements:

What kindergarten is this!Lord of the small fryI will break off your ears!Experienced ear pullerLike a fly in a webSilk and chic webIn pursuit of cricketsEndless chirping
Full web hopperWeb wrapping successBang on the head!A swindleUnder the April Banner!Joker Hat
Don't forget about achievements for seasonal food:
Fish Rolls - a tasty treat!Innkeeper, 100 portions of fish rolls!Once you taste the roll you just can’t stop! Nearly a thousand portions of fish rollsHide the fish rolls - I am coming! Are there any fish rolls left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner!Legendary fish roll eater
Wearing a Merry Hat Water Sniper Lucky Coin Puppeteer Got out Merry Wriggler


Thieves  Chigrik and  Gloum, that dwell at    Glade of Dreams and    Vassals' Tombs, sell   April Bag for gold and diamonds. They contain Snide Cat token - 75 pcs.



Attention! You can aquire each of the bags only once!

Attention! Bags will be available to buy from April 8th onwards.




From April 8th till April 15th at Rarities shop at the City Fair    Ogriy  and    Khair for  Snide Cat token  you will be able to aquire various goods, available only during this time.


Belohnung Kosten
from to 15

*no more than 25 pcs.

7 1




*Number of Jester hats to purchase is unlimited


Attention! After the end of sale at Rarities shop the remaining number of Snide Cat token can be spent on food.



Have fun warriors!





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