Sacral Knowledge
Sacral knowledge – it is a special skill, that gives you access to a wide range of opportunities. It is necessary for getting a number of tasks, accessing a certain instances and receiving a special rewards for the warriors of level 14 and above. 
You can get the sacral knowledge by visiting the ancient repository of one of the races – eldives or kroffdors.
Serious tests, that came over the warriors of  Ogriy and  Khair, helped to convince the eldives and kroffdors in dedication and fortitude of their fearless allies. In gratitude for support, the ancient races decided to allow their followers to take a look at the holy of the holies – the ancient repository of archival tomes.
In order to get access to the archive with hidden in it sacral knowledge, warrriors, who have reached level 11, must pass a number of tasks, to prove their loyalty to the chosen race.
After completing the tasks «Invisible hazard» at the eldives or «Hidden threat» at the kroffdors, go to the mages   Chooli-a-Veyna and  Fairy-a-Maiya, who can be found at  Riverhead of Wrath and at  Eldive Outpost, or visit the mages  Dimedora and  Reodora, who can be found accordingly at  The Kroffdors' Warcamp or at  Village of Tremor . They will order you to investigate the sinister secrets, that are not giving them the peace of their mind.
After making an investigation and finding out who is guilty for this sneaky betrayal, you need to provide help to other representatives of the great nations. Warriors  Svudor and  Gredor, who are settled at  Mortis Dale and at  Phantom Ashes, is willing to stop the spread of the magic marks by their perennial rivals – and your participation in this case will bring a great benefit! However, eldives are not going to ignore the sally of kroffdors! Warriors  Glif-a-Mirey and  Lemm-a-Ruviy, standing at  Crossroads and at  Vale of Visions, have the same plans about their enemies!  Two tasks are waiting for you, one after the other.
As soon as you are done with the tasks, go to the mages   Chooli-a-Veyna and  Fairy-a-Maiya  or  Reodora and  Dimedora, in order to get the access to the archive. Here you will be able to learn V part chronological manuscript, which was dedicated for the history of perennial conflict between eldives and kroffdors.
Having read this ancient manuscript, you will be able to contribute to the restoration of the archive. While fighting under the effects of Ulleriuni or Irrigudo with enemies of the race, to which you gave the oath of loyalty, you can get the pages from chronicle tomes of eldives or kroffdors.
Mages of the ancient races with gratefulness will accept the founded scrolls, which they will collect into the comprehensive chronicles, that will be available for studies.
Reading of the each new part will increase your sacral knowledge.
For every hand in of 12 pages of one of the manuscripts your sacral knowledge skill will be increased by 1.
Pay attention! Collecting the pages, you can increase your sacral knowledge up to level 5.
Information about this skill will be updated as soon as the new ways of the development of this skill will appear.


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