September - In Pursuit for Knowledge

Autumn – is not just a time for gathering the harvest, or sitting thoughtfully by the fire and walking along golden forests... It is the time to pursue a new knowledge and to test what has been already learned. It is always nice to sit with a book under the rustle of colorful leaves falling down from the trees, with a glass of warmed drink or flavored tea...


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But, unfortunately, the peace of book lovers can quickly come to an end! The monsters living in Faeo became merciless not only for its peaceful residents, but also for their book collections. They pilfered the most important pages of the precious folios all around Faeo, so the great job is waiting for the warriors to be done! You will not only have to fight the evil library robbers, but also to look for whom one or another parchment might belong to. Luckily, the owners of the devastated book shelves are willing to generously reward those, who will find their missing books!



In Pursuit of Knowledge

Difficulties of the wise


Even the wisest of the inhabitants of the world of Faeo cannot know everything. Pandrik the Wise and Flavviy the Wise are the most intelligent and educated inhabitants of Faeo, but the language of the recruits, still remains as a mystery for them.



Help them and they will reward you with a Certificate of Omniscience!


Pages of books


Monsters, irritated by scurrying caravans of booksellers, often attack those travellers, and the only salvation is to throw away the books and escape as soon as possible. Searching for the prey, predators ravage the books and folios into pieces and take only rare pages with themselves into their lairs.



While hunting monsters, look for the torn pages and according to the content of the texts in them, find out who are the owners of the damaged books. But pay attention: only the real owner of the torn page will reward you for finding it, all other pages given by mistake to the other inhabitants of Faeo will not be returned and there will be no reward for them.


Attention! For the victory, draw or even defeat in the Crystalline Caves, Ancient Temple of the Chosen and Arena of the Underground Knights every warrior can randomly get one of the torn pages of books.


Book Thieves


Every September during the Book Fairs, taking advantage of the crowds and confusion in the capitals, devious hunters of ancient manuscripts raid the magic libraries in the Daylight Square and Square of Fire.


Luckily, the thieves do not rush to hide with their stolen valuables, believing that in the hustle and bustle nobody paid any attention to them and they could steal a few more books. But such arrogance always leads the thieves to destruction of theirselves: brave warriors search out the villains and take away the stolen antiquarian rarities from them.



Book Thief







The Thundering Creation of Faeo Folio can be returned to the shelves of the magic libraries in the Daylight Square and Square of Fire to receive a reward, but also you can study the spell written in the pages of the Folio yourself. However, the warriors who will dare to read the Folio are risking to become one of the monsters of Faeo for a several hours!


Test of Knowledge


Some inhabitants of Faeo remember their youth, exams on magical and simple arts... And now they are very pleased by opportunity to test the knowledge of warriors! Travelling around the lands of Ogriy and Khair, talk to the sages, elders, artisans and other inhabitants, answer their simple questions and get the Certficates of Omniscience!


To answer the questions of the inhabitants of Faeo you can only once every 5 hours. Their questions are ready to ask:


  • Elder Verkiry and Elder Baguron at the City squares.
  • The Black Knight at the Ridge of Darkness
  • Agonnyy the Mad at the Steppe Vista
  • Living Rock at the Gorge of Gondi
  • River Maid at the Paradise Corner
  • Soygura the Craftswoman at the Square of Fire
  • Ostap the Craftsman at the Daylight Square
  • Galash the Merchant at the County Vurdaliya
  • Squire Valdemar at the Paradise Corner
  • Cabur the Knight at the Chion Settlement
  • Burz the Knight at the Warrior's Camp
  • Chief Torgor at the Settlement of Chernag
  • Chief Kort at the Settlement of Klesva.
  • Tatlie the Wise at the Daigon Islands.


Also the artisans: geologists, herbologists, alchemists, jewellers.


All together there are 15 different questions to answer to receive a Certificate of Omniscience. But remember, if you answer incorrectly you will not get a second chance!


Riddle of Daigon


Tatlie the Wise, who lives in the Isles of Swirling Mist, has prepared a rebus for you. If you solve the task, he will generously reward you. Concentrate your attention and wit.



Tatlie will reward you for rebus salvation.


3 25


Quest is accessible to warriors from level 11.
Available: One time
Seasons deck

By using the deck you'll receive:

Attention! You can use this deck only 1 time per day during the active stage of the event.


The thieves  Chigrik and  Gloum, who live in  Glade of Dreams and  Barrow of Sadness, sell September Bags for gold and diamonds. They contain Certificate of Omniscience - 45 pcs.



Attention! Each bag can be purchased only once!


Complete the tasks and receive unique achievements. 

Under the Omniscience Banner!It's September - Back to schoolSeptember – Strength in Knowledge!

And don't forget about achievements for seasonal food:

Filling Sandwich - a tasty treat! Innkeeper, 100 filling sandwiches!Once you taste the sandwich you just can’t stop!Nearly a thousand sandwichesHide the sandwiches - I am coming! Are there any sandwiches left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner! Legendary sandwich eater



From September 12, for a week, in Curiosities Shop at City Fairs of  Ogriy and  Khair, for the Certificate of Omniscience you will be able to aquire various goods, that are available only during this period of time.


Reward Cost
1 15
1 23
1 50
1 35
1 30
1 30
1 25
1 15
1 5
1 5
1 5
1 5
1 5
10 1
1 3


Attention! After the end of the sale of rarities in Curiosities Shop, remaining pieces of the Certificate of Omniscience can be echanged only for the seasonal food.




Spend autumn days for the benefit of yourselves!



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