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Additional Smileys
Additional smileys Convey a wide range of your emotions through unique smileys!

You can use the following smileys:

Resurrection site
Resurrection site selection Choose where to resurrect from the list of temples and nearby obelisks.

You will be able to ressurect in the following locations:
At the entrance of the instance Wind Rose
Haldebor Kiyrite Temple of Water
White Reef Glacial Ridge Flaungard Palace
Humans Magmars
Wirgold Estate Settlement of Chernag
Settlement of Klesva Manor of Budrimakh
Luan Coast Ancestral Mountains
GrandFort Faytvor
Southern Outpost Northern Outpost
Goods in the Premium shop
New goods in the shop The possibility to buy special goods in the Premium shop.
The following items can be purchased in the section «Goods for Premium» in the Premium shop:

Attention! These items can be bought with the same restrictions, as in the shops with items for reputation.

For the following items exist some special restrictions:
Warrior's Blessing Talisman is available for purchase once every 2 days.

Elder's Blessing Talisman – once per week, and with condition, that your Bringers of Evil reputation does not exceed 500.

Once per week is available for purchase the Amulet of Patronage (with a condition that you have not less than 500 reputation points of Rumengild or Waltreia).


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