Miraculous Heritage of the Gnomes
Deep underground, in the endless maze of mountain caves, where it is easy to get lost even with a detailed map and a dozen bright torches, Gnome treasures are hidden in abandoned caches. They are beyond the reach of all, except for perhaps nimble cave monsters that have never seen their own shadows. Coated with centuries of dust and entangled in silver cobwebs the amazing treasures of the ancient people who lived in Faeo many years ago wait in the darkness for their time to come. In those days Elts Vale was full of life: in its fertile lands two races found shelter - Gnomes and Dwarves, who lived in peace and harmony. The stocky and surprisingly hardy Gnomes have always been famous for their skill and hard work, and they were especially gifted at mining and forging. As talented and inventive craftsmen, they used the most incredible materials from which they created works of art and excellent fighting equipment. Of course the Gnomes did not have such advanced knowledge as the Dwarves, but they persisted in their efforts to understand various sciences. These bearded individuals enthusiastically studied wise tomes and reread yellowed scrolls, drawing from them useful information about the magical properties of substances, in order to then apply this knowledge to make unique creations. The Gnomes kept the ways of making artifacts a closely guarded secret, honoring the traditions of their people. But the outbreak of war brought about change ... In the terrible days of upheaval, many Gnomes were lost, and with them their secrets have been lost forever. Memories of the Gnomes’ past greatness and skill have become a great legend, as nobody knows where these hard-working people hid their creations. However, they have partially survived, and the ubiquitous cave monsters have managed to get to them. It is thanks to these creatures that the Gnome treasures have again resurfaced and the sages of Faeo are able to study them. Time has not been kind to some of the artifacts; some of them have lost their luster, while others have lost some of their magic power, but even time has failed to completely destroy these works of the great Gnome wizards. Here are just some of them: 

      A fascination with magic and numerous experiments with different substances helped the Gnomes to create the Magic Wand. Carved from the trunk of a sacred tree to the Gnomes and imbued with magic, this man-made artifact made it possible to create some items out of thin air.

 +   = 
  The discovery by Gnome miners of a milky-white mineral, which when heated quickly crumbled, was a momentous find for warriors. Gnome Powder, as is now known, had the ability to absorb certain types of energy, thus gaining magical powers. Scientists have not been able to establish what the Gnomes used to saturate the powder with strength. However, later it was discovered that the tiny granules interact successfully with energy crystals, receiving from each kind a new magical property that can be used in combat with the enemy.

 +   = 

 +   = 

      The patient gnome-alchemists have advanced far in their experiments: measuring out the right amount of ingredients with a jeweler's precision, meticulously verifying the composition, miraculously they have managed to create the Philosopher's Stone, which scholars and thinkers have been searching endlessly for since time immemorial. By using this, the Gnome people were able to transform simple lead into precious gold bars.

  The Gnomes gathered the silvery cobwebs of creepy monsters in dark caves, and adapted them for various purposes. And so, having dried the threads out under the rays of Mirrow and smeared them with sticky dust, the weavers spun a unique Gossamer Belt, which, despite its lightness, was incredibly strong and added one slot for combat potions and scrolls.

  The Gnome craftsmen treated gold with great reverence, attributing to it the magical power revealed in their creations. Only the most skilled craftsmen were trusted to work with the precious nuggets, and they cast the most amazing things from the shiny metal, including the Golden Call hunting horn. This gold item brought substantial benefits to hunters and warriors, who used its power to summon to combat a second mount, of enormous power.

Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов   Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов
Mounts for O’Delvays reputation Mounts for Dartrong reputation
+ = Беронский тигр + Луанский тигр
+ = Крионский зорб + Боевой зорб
+ = Ядовитый Беронский тигр + Ядовитый Луанский тигр
+ = Ядовитый Крионский зорб + Ядовитый Боевой зорб
+ = Луанский тигр + Элитный беронский тигр
+ = Боевой зорб + Штурмовой зорб
+ = Ядовитый Луанский тигр + Ядовитый элитный тигр
+ = Ядовитый Боевой зорб + Ядовитый штурмовой зорб
Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов   Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов
Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов   Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов
Rare mounts and Medal of Worship mounts
   +    =  Грумвол +  Сумеречный грумвол
   +    =  Шанкара +  Одержимая шанкара
   +    =  Эндарг +  Несокрушимый эндарг
   +    =  Ледяной медведь +  Пещерный ледяной медведь
   +    =  Церрадор +  Неукротимый Церрадор
Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов   Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов

A huge, once-in-a-lifetime success awaits the soldier that finds in the belly of a defeated monster one of the imperishable creations of the Gnomes. Not everybody is destined to be so fortunate, so these finds are very highly prized. This rare chance is only given once, and it is a huge mistake to miss it. Use the artifacts with intelligence and the utmost care, and then they will unfold in all their glory and bring you the desired benefit.  


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