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CrackerJack, that's what people call me. My job? Well, you can say that I am CrackerJacker.

You probably don't know me yet, but you know my half-sister Liusaidh. I was born in a very poor family, and at the age of 5, I was sold off by my birth parents to a rich noble in Ogriy. That's the last and only memory I have of my birth parents. I spent next 15 years of my life at this noble family. I did their daily errands, which ranged from fetch stuff from market to cleaning their stables. I have no bad feelings against them for this work, and during this time, I learned plenty of street art. I heard and learned of things that normal people could never reach.

At the age of 20, I left the servitude as I had bought my freedom. After that, I decided to travel. I spent years of my life as a vagabond. Living on the streets, eavesdropping on people, and acquiring all kinds of knowledge, is how I spent majority of my life. I had an insatiable hunger for knowledge. I learned about trickery of the auctioneers, devious intentions of bankers, secret art of war, skills of resource gatherers and plenty more.

After I had acquired almost everything there was to know, I decided to find a new meaning for my life. That's when I met an old hermit, who explained to me that, the best use of knowledge is to share it. I did not believe the old fool, not one bit. But his words did stick with me. I had so much wealth, but what was even the use of this wealth. By keeping it with me, I was not helping anyone. So, I finally decided to share my knowledge with anyone who was willing to listen.

Many mocked me for sharing dumb and easily known information, while others thanked me for sharing something they never knew. And so, even now, I just wait and share my knowledge with whoever is willing to listen.

The best use of knowledge is to share it!




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