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The Legend of Demon4u

Everyone was sitting quietly in the Palace of Marriage on the Square of Fire in O’Delvays City. The bride and the groom and all their guests were listening to the words of the consecrator.  Suddenly the silence of this holy moment was interrupted. Everyone was turning around. Was there a rival of the groom who wanted to prevent the beautiful bride from marrying the young warrior who was now looking at the door with a shocked expression: there was no rival, there was a horde of Magmars.

Everyone in Ogriy knew how pathetic this race of primitive lava-driven beings was that lived across the ocean. They really had no respect! Interrupting a wedding! This palace was supposed to be a place of peace and harmony. Again Humans had underestimated how evil their enemies were. Most of the guests had come without armor and weapons. There was no doubt about what the Magmars were up to. They already started to kill the women and children who were shouting and crying.

Elder Verkiry was gathering the men around him. They had to act quickly. He sent Damirus to the Arena to get weapons as soon as possible. But was he going to be quick enough? The floor of the Palace of Marriage was already red with Human blood.

Everyone was shouting, crying or running around. Only one warrior was standing quietly at the edge of the Palace of Marriage, between two of its large columns.  He knew he was one of the few warriors who had their weapons with them. Before he went to the wedding he had decided to take his best swords. What a wise decision! He only needed to reflect a few seconds before he would make use of his swords.

He knew that the Magmars weren’t too intelligent, but they were brutal and quick. So there was no time to lose and he wouldn’t be able to wait for Damirus. With a loud cry he ran into the middle of the Palace of Marriage and killed every Magmar he could see. Even the Humans were shocked to see how fast he could kill them. While they ran out of the palace he blocked the exit for the Magmars and killed them one after the other like a demon.

When they all were dead he checked that his armor was alright, but the Magmars didn’t have a chance to inflict any damage on it and there were no blood spills to be seen since it had the color of blood anyway.

He went out of the palace and asked everyone to come back in. While he guarded the door to prevent another attack of the Magmar cowards the consecrator continued the celebration. After the wedding the bride and the bridegroom promised to name their firstborn son after the hero who had saved their wedding: Demon4u!



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