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The Legend of Bubba-Beat

“This is a lifeless land, no birdsong can be heard, there are no brooks babbling and only the roar of monsters can be heard in the distance. The seething rivers of lava would never support life on their banks. Obviously, this is why they are so cruel” – thought Bubba while walking through Khair, the land of the enemy Magmars. However, the sadness in his eyes quickly turned to amazement when an oasis suddenly came into view. "This must be the Zviglod Grove of which I’ve heard so much from my friends! Yes indeed, I can see why Chili praised this place so highly, it really feels like home here!” Bubba was lured by the splashing water from the mill, and he removed some of his armor and sat on the bridge, dangling his legs in the river while scratching the neck of his gently purring cat and drinking a cold beer, something that is always welcome on his long and tiring crusades.



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