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The Legend of Fist

The lands of Ogriy and Khair have many legendary warriors that roam the two continents performing dangerous quests and fighting cunning enemies and vicious monsters. But there is a rare band of warriors, a special breed considered by some to be the bravest and most daring of all. These warriors sail the waters between the two continents, defending the shores of their native land from enemy incursions.

Fist is one such as this – a warrior whose bravery and courage are only equaled by his modesty and charm. The son of one of the most skilled fishermen in his native Virigiya District, from an early age Fist felt as much at home on the water as on dry land. His father had a great knowledge of local folklore, so Fist grew up listening to tales of ancient great battles against Magmar armies and cunning attacks by hordes of malevolent monsters. These tales filled the young lad with a craving for adventure, and this zeal did not go unnoticed by the village Elder, who felt certain that the young Fist was destined for greatness.

The Elder was not wrong – as Fist put the seafaring skills inherited from his father and the thirst for adventure that was in his blood to good use, and soon earned a reputation as one of the bravest warriors that ever set foot on the deck of a ship. He defends the shores of Ogriy from Magmar and monster alike and has become known in his native village as Conqueror of the Oceans – a dashing warrior that sails from one danger to the next without a thought for his own safety, single-mindedly defending his beloved Ogriy from every enemy.

The tales of Fist’s bravery are too long to mention here, but it is a rare night in the taverns of Ogriy that his name is not uttered with respect, and a glass raised to his good health, for Fist is renowned throughout the land as a selfless warrior and a great commander of men. Fist’s knowledge of the sea is matched only by his swordsmanship, and his skill with a cold blade can make even a superbeing gasp.

When mothers along the coast of Ogriy tuck their children up in bed at night, they kiss them on their foreheads and say: “Sleep well my child, Fist will keep you safe!”



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