Khorsungum the Mage


 Gorge of Gondi

Khorsungum the Mage is the great sorcerer of Magmars, an adept of White and Black magic and a skillful master of the scrolls. He is strong and powerful and you can learn a lot from him.


Arnabag the Mage

 Barrow of Sadness

He is the great wizard of the human race, the professor of white and black magic, skilful master of written scrolls. His strength is in his wand, his power is in his mind.



 Vassals' Tombs

The evil black magician, who died and came back from the dead. He is so evil, not even the world of the deceased would not accept him. He lives off the energy of living beings, and has the power to resurrect the dead.


Brugil'da the Sorceress

 Village of Maettro

She is a dark-haired old lady, who loves bright dresses and colours. She does grumble incessantly though, reminding any visitors of her old age and how busy she is. But her heart is made of gold and she always comes to the aid of warriors in need of life-restoring potions and remedies.



Gredeya the Witch

 Wild Forest

She has a face with deep wrinkles, white head of hair and a body crumbled with age … Only her eyes are lively and bright, they reveal the true spirit and extraordinary mind that live in this ailing body.



Vessen the Druid

 Wolf Wasteland

A wise man and a magician, he is nature’s master and servant. He is so close to nature that he gets all his magical powers from it.



Koeshu the Necromancer

 Clan Burial Grounds

Koeshu the Necromancer is a Master of the occult, necromancy and alchemy. He desires to learn the deepest secrets of the World of Dead. Some say that it was he who created the Emerald Tablet, but he has never confirmed or denied that. He is a very secretive person.




An unknown creature, this girl, like an enchanted plant, has hair the colour of leaves, hands formed like branches and skin like young bark, but behind her emerald eyes, a magical and dangerous power is concealed.




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