Smurri the Dwarf


 Village Angriyar

He is a merry fellow and a practical joker, he is a bit of a show-off, but where he goes the laughter follows.


Vaslav the Ranger

 Light’s Edge

A fearless custodian of the forest, he understands the language of birds and animals.





 County Vurdaliya

The owner of the pub Gurral’diy's Head, this always cheerful magmar have seen it all. He brews his beer himself and it is well-known all over the world. No sailor will miss coming to his pub when their ships are in the harbour.



Ikvan the Peasant


A simple farmer, with an open soul and simple needs.


Chooray the Warden

 Outskirts of the Silent Steppe

A true expert in farming, he loves his land and this love is mutual – his fields are known for their plentiful harvests. Year after year his people elect him as their warden.



Vergen the Miner


 Bats' Den

Vergen has been working in the mines for as long as anybody can remember. His back is bent under the weight of tons of ore he has extracted from under the mountains, where the candle is his only source of light.


Veyko the Herdsman


 Glade of Oblivion

Good-natured village guy and nature-lover, he appreciates folk music and anything beautiful. All day long he tends cattle and plays his flute.


Pherapont the Miller



Pink-cheeked, bubbly and harmless, he is happy to meet everyone. He would welcome them into his house, feed and entertain them. Generation after generation of all men in his family were millers, and he is very proud to continue the tradition.


Baird the Seafarer


 Virigiya District

An experienced sailor, he is always keen to profit at somebody’s expense. A strict, no-nonsense man, hardened by fights at sea; he neither believes in weakness nor does he sympathise with the vulnerable.


Luc the Orphan



 Gorge of Chernag

His parents gave their lives for the freedom of the Magmar nation and Luc has been living alone ever since




Sanglier the Butcher



 Fort Dybrach

This huge and terrifying bloke is not a mad murderer, he is a local family butcher and has a shop in the village where anybody can buy some fresh meat and game.




Sugor the Minstrel



 Gorge of Chernag

He was a brave seaman once and he made himself famous by daring exploits, he is now a wandering minstrel, singing about adventures on the high seas and drinking his favourite pear wine.



Hawken the Forester



 Zviglod Grove

The forest watchman, he keeps everything in order, protecting his estate from attacks by the spawn of dark magic, the servants of Chaos and foolish Humans. Nature rewards him with special knowledge and skills whilst the residents of the forest consider him their best friend.



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