Golats the Vampire


 Bats' Den

This horrible sorcerer-vampire haunts the world at nights, looking for his next victim. He brings troubles, terrible illnesses and even death to the people of Faeo.


Drowned Girl

 Dead Cove

She drowned in the Dead cove many years ago. It was this ill fate that made her an inhabitant in the world of the deceased.




Haunted Place

A permanent resident of the meadow of Cuckoo Flowers on the Isles of Fay-Go, Jordan is an unfortunate victim of a terrible experiment conducted by Gorbakh the Tyrant, who once ruled over all these lands.



Captain Hagar Claw's Phantom
Captain Hagar Claw's Phantom

Sunken Ship instance

The spirit of Captain Hagar Claw, doomed to wander in eternal loneliness, unable to find rest. Realizing his past mistakes and repenting of the crimes he committed during his life, the pirate's spirit is forced to carry this heavy burden, without any chance of putting right past wrongs.



Spirit of Avarice
Spirit of Avarice

wanders the world of Faeo

Nobody knows who the Spirit of Avarice was when he was alive, but after just two minutes with him it is clear that he was a rather unsavoury character. Venomous, but also cowardly, taking pleasure from frightening passers-by and unknown warriors, avaricious and malicious, the Spirit of Avarice comes to Faeo every June and it cannot be said that the residents welcome that visit. Few residents have actually met the greedy spirit face to face - he constantly moved from place to place and can at any moment end up at the opposite end of the mainland.



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